2015 Overview

Neat update from Western Carolina University!

Tanaka’s Team Takes Top Trophy


2015 Workshop Highlights: 

Well, we all made it and are off to a great start! Thanks for the enthusiasm everyone!

Let the creativity begin!

Please upload your photos/videos to social media (Twitter, Facebook) with the hashtag #uncchancellorsworkshop so we can all have access!

Twitter pictures: @jackielawrenc  🙂

Team members immediately got the creative juices flowing by creating the following team names:

A) Innotude- Do you have it?

B) Still Standing

C) I.D.E.A.- Innovate Design Entrepreneurial Action

D) P4 Innovations: Plan, Produce, Pivot, Persevere

E) Firestac

F) Change Agents

Congratulations to our “P4 Innovations: Plan, Produce, Pivot, Persevere” group for winning the Marshmallow Challenge 🙂


Team members hard at work:

FullSizeRender image1FullSizeRender

Lunch Speaker John McGowan shared the history and development of the workshop:


And then Dana McMahan shared her expertise in developing the perfect pitch: FullSizeRender

Charles Merritt taught Module 2 in the afternoon and walked participants through creating Customer Empathy Maps:


Workshop alumni congregated with current workshop participants at the Graham Memorial on Monday evening:

     FullSizeRender[2]        FullSizeRender     FullSizeRender[4]

On Tuesday morning, Jim Johnson shared how his scholarly work led to the creation of the Durham Scholars Program:



Buck Goldstein then taught participants about strategic thinking and SWOT analysis:


And then, with the help of coaches and the instructional team, participants proceeded to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their budding ideas:




John Clark walked participants through Module 4:



Coaches and the instructional team then worked with teams in applying the Business Model Canvas to their proposals:

FullSizeRender[1]          FullSizeRender

During lunch, David Routh, Vice Chancellor for Development, and Mark Meares, Associate Vice Chancellor for Corporate and Foundation Relations and Talent Management, spoke to participants about strategies successful fundraisers utilize.



Executive Director Keith Sawyer discussed creating value:


Participants spend the remainder of the afternoon presenting their pitches to the other teams:

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender[4] FullSizeRender[1]  FullSizeRender[3] FullSizeRender[4]

Wednesday morning began with breakfast speaker Paul Coyle from Oxford University:



Lowry Caudill walked participants through Module 5: Support.


Charles Merritt presented Module 6: Iterate and the Lean Process:


Dedric Carter, Associate Vice Chancellor for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Washington University presented during lunch:

FullSizeRender[2]          FullSizeRender[2]

Associate Professor Tim Flood taught participants how to polish their pitches:

FullSizeRender[3]         FullSizeRender


Today is a very exciting day! Teams will soon pitch their ideas to an esteemed panel of judges!



Buck Goldstein began this morning by talking about how it all began..

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender[2]

And he gave everyone a copy of the book he authored with Holden Thorp, Engines of Innovation: The Entrepreneurial University in the Twenty-First Century: 


Hopefully he’ll autograph them too!

Then Keith Sawyer spun the arrow to choose the order teams will present their pitches!

CE9-PE4WAAA8p_a    FullSizeRender[2]

 Last chance to practice pitches!


FullSizeRender[2]             FullSizeRender[4]


Some of the instrumental people involved…

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender[3]

Buck Goldstein and Lowry Caudill                                   Paul Coyle and Judith Cone


Lowry Caudill and Keith Sawyer

 Even UNC President Tom Ross and Chancellor Carol Folt came by to say a few words!

IMG_4846          FullSizeRender[3]

After introductions and thanks, the judges were ready to go.


The teams all did an incredible job presenting their final pitches…

FullSizeRender          FullSizeRender[4]

FullSizeRender[2]          FullSizeRender[3]

FullSizeRender[4]          FullSizeRender[1]

While their coaches and instructional leaders watched on intently:


Of course, judges could only pick one winning team…

Congratulations Change Agents!




Deborah Gerhardt, School of Law, UNC Chapel Hill

Saxton Rose, School of Music, UNC School of the Arts

Jimmy Scherrer, Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University

Martin Tanaka, Department of Engineering & Technology, Western Carolina University

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  2. GREAT .. Boot camp alumni congregated with current workshop participants at the Graham Memorial on Monday evening

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